About NCQP

About NCQP:

National Care Quality Professionals (NCQP) has been founded as an Independent Care Quality Membership Organisation, to promote a shared vision of outstanding care. We want the news content on the NCQP membership platform to be truly member led, so we actively encourage relevant content posting for members, by members.

NCQP is exclusively for Independent Care Quality Professionals and those who work in the Independent Care Quality sector, primarily to facilitate and promote examples of outstanding practice & innovation in care and support, for the benefit of individuals who are supported by care & support organisations.

NCQP also allows the sharing of news & events and other opportunities, that may be of interest to members in the care quality community.

Development of our NCQP ‘Approved Centre’ Membership Services:

In the longer term, NCQP is being driven to evolve!

We are currently developing our NCQP ‘Approved Centr’e membership services, with some select Independent Care Quality Services, Consultancies and Training Providers. Applications and potential opportunity to become an ‘NCQP Approved Centre’, is available exclusively to all NCQP members who meet our application criteria. Please contact us for Full Terms and conditions at info@theciagroup.co.uk.

If you wish to enquire about individual professional membership, (Free for 12 months), corporate membership (Fees apply), NCQP Approved Centre Membership (Fees Apply), or Corporate Sponsorship of NCQP (Fees Apply), please email info@theciagroup.co.uk

Join us at NCQP to raise Care Quality Standards together!