Become an NCQP Approved Centre

We are currently in the process of setting up our new National Care Quality Professionals (NCQP) Approved Centre Service, exclusively for you, our members.

The optional service will include quality assurance and approval of:

  • Health & Social Care Short Training Courses
  • Care Quality Audit Tools
  • Individual Freelance Trainers and Care Quality Consultants
  • Care Quality Consultancy & Training Companies
  • Training Departments & Trainers within Care Provider Settings
  • Care Quality Departments & Care Quality Professionals within ┬áCare Provider settings.

Care Providers, Training providers & Care Quality Consultants will be able to submit their professional applications, along with their training and/or care quality consultancy materials, for quality assurance review by our expert NCQP approval panel, in order to apply for formal NCQP Approved Centre Status.

If a care provider, training provider, or care quality consultancy is successful in their application, they will become either an ‘NCQP Approved Training Centre’, or NCQP Approved Care Quality Centre’.

Services will then be spot checked and audited by NCQP Accreditation Auditors to ensure standards are maintained.


Application fees & options will be released, as packages are developed.

For more information about our new NCQP Approval Services, please call (01964) 769268